The Hunting Office

Established in 2005, The Hunting Office is the central organisation which is delegated to run the administrative, advisory and supervisory functions of the Hunting Associations, which are the governing bodies. The Hunting Office’s purpose is to set and maintain high standards of conduct in the activity of hunting with hounds.

The Hunting Office is responsible for the administration of hunting across the UK and aims to promote and protect the interests of hunting and the hunting community. The office co-ordinates the insurance policies, the members handbooks, the Stud Books, liaises with various other organisations to promote the interests of hunting and provides support and advice for Hunts, Hunt Officials and Hunt Staff. The Hunting Office also runs a programme of Training Courses for Hunts, Hunts Staff and other Hunt Personnel to maintain professional standards and increase the foundation of knowledge amongst Hunt Staff and other supporters, to maintain the highest standards in animal care and welfare.

Pair of hunting hounds
Hounds following a trail
Huntsman in kennel with pack of hounds
A tight pack of hunting hounds
Hounds in training
Hounds on display at a show
4 hounds being shown
Fox hound kissing a horse
Group of hunters on horseback