The Hunting Office is the governing and regulatory body for the Council of Hunting Associations.  It is responsible for the administration of hunting across the UK and aims to promote and protect the interests of hunting and the hunting community. The office co-ordinates the insurance policies, the members handbooks, the Stud Books, liaises with various other organisations to promote the interests of hunting and provides support and advice for Hunts, Hunt Officials and Hunt Staff.  The Hunting Office also runs a programme of Training Courses for Hunts, Hunts Staff and other Hunt Personnel to maintain professional standards and increase the foundation of knowledge amongst Hunt Staff and other supporters, to maintain the highest standards in animal care and welfare.

The Hunting Office Bursary Scheme 

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The Hunting Office Bursary Scheme, run in conjunction with Haddon Training, and supported by the Hunt Servants Fund, aims to recruit and train young people wishing to pursue a career in hunting.  The National Diploma in Animal Care is a Level 2 Apprenticeship and a recognised national qualification.  Participating hunts can offer a practical, structured and supportive framework for apprentices to gain the appropriate transferrable skills and knowledge within the hunting industry. 

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Recent News

Atherstone Hunt Statement - October 2019

Following a hunt committee meeting on Monday, 7th October 2019, a decision was made for the Atherstone to cease their hunting activities for the 2019/20 season with immediate effect.

The longer-term future of the hunt and its country are being considered with regards to possible amalgamation and/or sharing kennels, however the welfare of the hounds understandably remains the priority at this stage. Arrangements have been made to draft the hounds to other packs but while they remain in kennels they are being looked after by hunt staff under the supervision of the Masters.