Recent Trail Laying Seminar


Since the Hunting Ban came into effect in 2005, many hunts across the UK have been hunting within the law by Trail Hunting.  practises as they were before the ban, the general conduct of the day remains as it was prior to the hunting ban and keeps the traditions and practises alive.  Trails are laid by various methods, but often by dragging a scent infected cloth along the ground, aiming to take the line that the traditional quarry would have taken, to simulate the natural movement of the prey as much as possible. 

Having received multiple requests from various hunts asking for more direction and guidance on Laying Trails and Keeping Records, The Hunting Office ran a very successful Trail Laying Seminar on Wednesday 22nd August 2018. 

The Seminar was aimed at all those Masters, hunt staff and other hunt members who are involved with the organisation, record keeping and laying the trails for the days trail hunting. The seminar focussed on organising the trail laying, the practicalities of laying the trails as well as best practises for evidence gathering and record keeping. 

With a focus on evidence gathering and record keeping, various examples were demonstrated on methods of data storage.  With the increase of anti-hunt propaganda, misrepresentation on social media from anti-hunt groups and spurious allegations from anti-hunt monitors that hunts are operating illegally, the need for the retention of evidence to demonstrate that hunts are operating completely within the law is becoming more important. 

The day was extremely well attended, with over 170 people present, representing packs from all over the UK.  The presentations were extremely informative and covered a wide range of topics and experiences. 

The Hunting Office would like to thank all those who took the time to come to the day, especially those who presented, added to the discussions and shared their knowledge with those present.