Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles

The AMHB sets and maintains the standards of conduct and performance of Member Hunts in kennels, and in their activities and has a number of accepted policies and documents in place such as strict Rules and Codes of Conduct which give details of how its member hunts and hunting should be conducted. They have been written to promote standards of best practice in kennels and the field and to show the accountability of member packs. All Masters of Harrier and Beagle packs are members of the AMHB and have to agree to abide by the Association's Rules, Codes of Conduct and Instructions. The Hunting Office manages and implements the Governance Frameworks under the authority of the AMHB and other Hunting Associations.

The AMHB undertakes a rolling programme of kennel inspections and field visits to ensure that all the rules are adhered to and standards are maintained both in kennels and on the field. It also organises training for new Masters and hunt staff, training days on breeding and judging hounds, registers hunting countries. The AMHB also produces the annual Beagle and Harrier Kennel Stud Book and promotes and protects the development of the Beagle and Harrier breed.

Since 19th February 2005 packs of Harriers and Beagles have been restricted by the Hunting Act 2004 and the AMHB advises its members on hunting within that law.

AMHB Chairman: Matthew Higgs
AMHB Director: Richard Tyacke