Central Committee of Fell Packs

The Central Committee of Fell Packs is the collective body representing the seven Cumbrian Fell Packs. The CCFP is affiliated to the Master of Foxhounds Association and has a place on the Council of Hunting Associations. The member packs of the CCFP are the Blencathra Foxhounds, The Coniston Foxhounds, The Eskdale & Ennerdale Foxhounds, The Lunesdale Foxhounds, The Melbreak Foxhounds, The North Lonsdale Foxhounds and the Ullswater Foxhounds. The Wensleydale Foxhounds are an affiliated member.

All the Lakeland Fell packs have a proud history, being formed centuries ago to help the sheep farmers of the Cumbrian mountain country combat the depredations of foxes on their lamb flocks. There was a time when each valley would have their own packs of hounds, often kennelled on individual farms and only meeting up on hunting days. From the early 1800’s hunting became more organised and packs were formed which are still recognisable today.

Following the Hunting Act of 2004 it is more important than ever that our local packs speak as one voice and remain united in the face of the voices of opposition. It is interesting to note however, that support for the Fell Packs has only increased since the introduction of the Act and that the role of the CCFP is more important than ever.