The Hunting office is the executive arm of the Governing bodies for Hunting with hounds. Established in 2005, it is the central organisation which is delegated to run the administrative, advisory and supervisory functions of the Hunting Associations, which are the governing bodies.

The Hunting Associations are:

  • Masters of Foxhounds Association (“MFHA”)
  • Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (“AMHB”)
  • Masters of Deer Hounds Association (“MDHA”)
  • Masters of Bassett Hounds Association (“MBHA”)
  • Masters of Mink Hounds Association (“MMHA”)
  • Central Committee of Fell Packs (“CCFP”)

The umbrella body for the Associations is the Council of Hunting Associations (“CHA”) which was formed in 2001 to co-ordinate, centrally, the policies of the Hunting Associations and promote and protect the interests of hunting across the UK. 

The Hunting Office’s purpose is to set and maintain high standards of conduct in the activity of hunting with hounds. As part of this, it also aims to promote and protect the interests and values of hunting and the hunting community.

Hunting with hounds is a unique activity which brings together and bonds rural communities, is of positive environmental benefit and upholds the best values of respect and tradition in our countryside. It is our role to ensure that those values and standards are upheld so that future generations can continue to enjoy an important and valuable rural activity.