The AMHB has for sale scarves, ties and greeting cards all championing our traditional quarry - the hare

    The AMHB DVD "IN KENNELS" shows life in kennels throughout the year


Leave your kennel coat on the peg and your boots by the door; this is a kennels tour you can make from your armchair. You'll experience the icy yards of winter and the summer heat of the puppy show; you'll be there in the small hours as a bitch whelps and up at dawn to exercise hounds. With this DVD you share the lives of three professional huntsmen.
      �Seven modules celebrating skills in Harrier and Beagle Kennels
      �Seven stories that glimpse life �In Kennels�
      �£13.99 (inc P&P) - Overseas orders:�£25.00 each (inc P&P). �

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