Advice to Hunts during Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak - updated 19th January 2022

The Hunting Office’ priority is to continue to provide support and advice for hunts and their members during this ever evolving Covid-19 crisis, especially with updates on Government guidance and schemes. We will continue to provide the necessary administrative service, care and support for all hunts, hunt staff and hunt officials.

The Hunting Office is monitoring the Government advice and will update guidance to hunts as applicable or if any changes occur that affect the running of Hunts, Hunt Kennels or Hunt Stables.

Hound and Horse welfare is of critical importance, and we therefore advise that those required in the day to day care of the Hounds and Horses should prioritise work as necessary so standards of care are maintained, whilst still following the Government advice.

As you all know the covid restrictions are under consideration from Governments and we will keep all hunts updated as necessary. All hunts should be mindful of public safety and have the necessary biosecuriry measures in place.

In line with Government guidance, there are no compulsory limit or restriction on the outdoor activities run by hunts in Egland (and no restrictions in Wales from 21st January or Scotland from 24th January).  The risks of transmission should still be considered and caution should be taken to limit any spread.

The key advice remains as follows:

  • Test and Self Isolate - you should get tested should you have symptoms of Covid-19 and self isolate if tested positive.
  • Fresh air and outdoor activities - the Government advises that the risk of infection outside or with ample fresh air is significantly lower than inside or in areas with little air flow.
  • Face coverings should be worn in indoor crowded public spaces.

Please contact the Hunting Office should you need advice about a specific activity or event.

Updated: 19th January 2022