How can I become a member of the AMHB?

Membership of the AMHB was originally open to Masters of Hounds only but recently the opportunity of membership  has been broadened to include all those who hunt regulalry or who wish to support hunting and the Association. Anyone who wishes to apply for membership must be nominated by two people who have been members of the Association for at least two years. More information and application forms are available from the Director of the Association. 

How can I buy a Harrier or Beagle from a hunt?

Harriers and Beagles from AMHB packs do not make good pets. They have been bred, for generations, to hunt and are pack animals. The AMHB rules stipulate that hounds cannot be sold to private individuals though they can be drafted from one pack to another. No money changes hands. Occasionally older hounds are retired to farms where the owners originally walked the hounds as puppies.

How many hounds are in a pack?

Hounds are counted in couples. The number of hounds in a pack varies from about 15 to 25 couple. Not all hounds from a pack will hunt on any one day.

What is puppy walking?

Once hound puppies are weaned they ‘go out to walk’ either on their own, or with another puppy, to a local farm or household within the hunt country. Whilst at walk hounds will learn their name, learn about life, people, chickens, the postman and everything an ordinary puppy learns in the first months of life. The huntsman will visit regularly. When the hound is about six months old it returns to kennels and is introduced back into the pack.

What do you do?

There are 73 recognised packs of harriers and beagles hunting legally in Britain today. Beagles are small hounds, standing between 14 and 16 inches at the shoulder, and are normally followed on foot. Harriers are a little larger, standing up to 21 inches in height. They are generally followed on horseback.

While we have a lot of information on our site, the best way of learning more about the activities of our packs of harriers and beagles is to spend a day out with hounds. There is a pack of harriers or beagles within easy reach of most parts of England and Wales. To find your nearest pack follow the link to 'Find a pack'.

What is hare hunting?

Hare hunting with packs of hounds was amongst the oldest field sports in Europe. It was described by the ancient Greek writers, and long pre-dates the traditional English sport of fox hunting by which it was somewhat eclipsed in the 19th century.

The Hunting Act of 2005 made it illegal to hunt a hare except in certain circumstances. Therefore all the harrier and beagle packs changed their activities so as to comly with the new legislation. However, all those who continue to follow our hounds are committed to using the political process to amend or repeal the Hunting Act as the earliest possible opportunity.