How can I buy a foxhound from a Hunt?

Foxhounds from MFHA packs do not make good pets. They have been bred, for generations, to hunt and are pack animals.  Hounds can be drafted from one pack to another, but no money changes hands.  
How many hounds are in a pack?

Hounds are counted in couples. The number of hounds in a pack varies from about 20 - 30 couple. Not all hounds from a pack will hunt on any one day.
What is puppy walking?

Once hound puppies are weaned they 'go out to walk' either on their own, or with another puppy, to a local farm within the hunt country.  Whilst at walk hounds will learn their name, learn about life, people, chickens, the postman and everything an ordinary puppy learns in the first months of life.  The huntsman will visit regularly.  When the hound is about six months old it returns to kennels and is introduced back into the pack.
Tell me more about packs of foxhounds?

There are 186 recognised packs of foxhounds hunting legally in Britain today. Foxhounds are about the size of a large labrador, and are normally followed on horseback, except in the Cumbrian Fells where they are followed on foot.

While we have a lot of information on our site, the best way of learning more about the activities of our packs of foxhounds is to spend a day out with hounds. There is a pack of foxhounds within easy reach of most parts of England and Wales. To find your nearest pack follow the link to the 'Find a pack' section of the website.
How can I attend a meet of a hunt, including the Boxing Day meet?

Hunts meet regularly from November until April and you need to contact your local Hunt to find out details of where they are meeting. A list of the Boxing Day meets we have been notified of is published on the MFHA website annually from about mid December. To find your nearest pack follow the link to the 'Find a pack' section of the website.
How can I become a member of the MFHA?

Membership of the MFHA is only open to serving Masters of Foxhounds who may remain members on retiring from their Mastership.
How do I get a job with a hunt?

The Hunting Office keeps a list of positions available with hunts and publishes these on The Hunting Office website. This list of vacancies can be accessed by anyone wishing to look and contact can be made with each hunt via the website advert should they want more details or to apply for a positon.   There is also a Bursary Scheme which provides on-the-job training for young people wishing to become professional hunt staff. Further details are available from the MFHA.
How can my Hunt become recognised by the MFHA?

Contact the MFHA Office for further details. Certain criteria must be met:
  • Kennels must adhere to the standards laid out in the 'Code of Practice for the Welfare of Hounds in Hunt Kennels'

  • A map must be supplied of your hunt country with the boundaries agreed and signed by your neighbouring hunts.

  • The Masters would have to become members of the MFHA.

  • The Hunt would have to pay an annual registration fee.