Hunting Office Apprenticeship Scheme

The Hunting Office Apprenticeship Scheme, run in conjunction with Haddon Training, and supported by the Hunt Servants' Fund, aims to recruit and train young people wishing to pursue a career in hunting and offers a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Animal Care. Participating hunts can offer a practical, structured and supportive framework for apprentices to gain the appropriate transferrable skills and knowledge within the hunting industry.

The apprenticeship is based on practical training within the working kennels environment, supplemented by group teaching days throughout the course. The syllabus centres around the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Hounds in Hunt Kennels and gives an insight into all aspects of the Hunt.

Placements start during the summer and last for 18 months - meaning that candidates remain with the training hunt for at least 2 seasons, building a good foundation of knowledge to further their careers in Hunting.

Apprentices are required to attend several group teaching days, to complete coursework and training records and, finally, complete an assessment at the end of the programme.

Jo Birch Radnor

Participating hunts should have the necessary support and appropriately capable and knowledgeable staff in place to train the individuals on the bursary scheme.  Should any hunts wish to consider taking on an apprentice and feel they have the required set up and ability to provide the necessary standard of training and support, please contact The Hunting Office or Haddon Training directly.

George Grigg VWH 5 Applications to join the apprenticeship scheme are open to anyone between the ages of 17 and 23, who wishes to begin a career in hunting. Please contact The Hunting Office should you wish to be considered for a Apprenticeship placement.

The Hunt Servants Fund is charity set up to help provide education and training to hunt staff as well as to provide some financial support to hunt staff and their families in times of hardship.