Job Vacancies

Cheshire - Huntsman
The Cheshire Hunt are seeking a professional Huntsman for the season commencing 1st May 2022. A professional first whip is employed. Excellent accommodation, salary and pension contributions included. A trailer licence is essential and HGV licence and firearms certificate a benefit. Enquiries and applications, including cv and references, via the email link.
Vine and Craven - Kennel Huntsman
Vine and Craven require a Kennel Huntsman for the 22/23 season (earlier start date available) to work with our Amateur Huntsman and groom. Role to include taking full responsibility for hounds, beagles and kennels, Whipping In on hunting days. There may be an opportunity for the right candidate to hunt hounds occasionally and help with fallen stock. Driving license required, trailer and or HGV preferred together with firearms certificate. Accommodation available with attractive package. Enquiries and applications to Miss Sam Bracey MFH via the email link.
Hurworth Hunt - Kennelman
The Hurworth Hunt require a kennel man to start with immediate affect. The role would include kennel work and supporting all aspects of a fallen stock round. Applicants must have a current driving licence. Accommodation provided, suited to a single person. Applications to Mr David Foster via the email link.
Surrey Union - Whip / Kennelman
The Surrey Union Hunt require a positive Kennelman-Whip. Role to include the usual kennel-work including; care of Hounds (mucking out, feeding, hound welfare), Knackering and Skinning and ground maintenance work at the Kennels. Candidate will also be required to Whip-In on the field on a hunting day. Experience of this is preferred. Candidate must be able to ride and have a current driving and firearms licence. We are a well-financed Hunt with exciting country and new Kennels facilities. Accommodation and salary on application. Please apply via the email link.
Monmouthshire - Whipper In/ Kennelman
Monmouthshire Hunt require Whipper In or alternatively a Kennelman for current season 21-22. Excellent accommodation provided and driving licence required. Applications to Mike Fitzpatrick MFH via the email link.
Westerby Basset Hounds - Kennelman
The Westerby Basset Hounds require a Kennelman for the 22/23 season. Working with the Amateur Master Huntsman. The role will include usual Kennelman duties, to take hounds to and from meets (Saturday & Thursday) and to assist in the field, on occasion the opportunity to hunt hounds may arise. Clean driving license is required to drive the pick up truck & trailer. There is no flesh round. The position comes with a two bedroom bungalow set in 4 acres and includes grazing paddocks. Package for hours of work, salary and accommodation to be negotiated. Applications to David Roome (Chairman) via the email link.
County Limerick - Whipper In
County Limerick Hunt require a Whipper In for the current season 21/22 . All usual duties including hunting 3 days a week over the famous county limerick country. Comfortable two bedroom cottage and good salary. Experience is an advantage but not essential. Full driving licence required. Applications via email link to Fergus Stokes Huntsman.
Barlow - Huntsman
The Barlow Hunt require professional Huntsman for the season commencing 1st May 2022. HGV licence essential. There may be the possibility for the Huntsman’s wife/partner to act as Hunt Groom. A professional first whip is employed .Excellent accommodation and kennels. A large flesh round is operated and the Huntsman requires a Firearms Certificate". Enquiries and applications via the email link.
Old Berks - Whipper In
The Old Berks Hunt require a Whipper-In. Excellent accommodation and salary to include pension contributions. Driving license and references required. Applications please to Michael Bowlby MFH, via the email link.
South Devon - Whipper In
South Devon Hunt require a Whipper in for 2021/22 season, to include all usual duties. Non riding applicants welcome. Three bed centrally heated bungalow available. Applications to Charlie Watts MFH Via email link.
New Forest - Kennelman
The New Forest Hounds require a Kennel man for the 21/22 season. Working with a professional huntsman the role will include usual kennel work, supporting all aspects of a fallen stock round and may have duties in the field during a hunting day. Applicants must have a current driving licence. Accommodation suited to a single person or couple is available on site. Part-time or flexible hours may be considered. Applications and enquiries via the email link.