Job Vacancies

United Pack - Kennel Huntsman
The United Pack requires a Kennel Huntsman for the 2021/22 season commencing 1st May. This is a traditional KHs job in a fantastic hunt country. Applications with CV via email link to Nicko Batten MFH.
North Cotswold Hunt - 2nd Whipper-In
The North Cotswold Hunt is looking for a 2nd Whipper-In for the 2021/2022 Season. This role will include all Kennel duties and whipping in on a hunting day. Comfortable accommodation is provided on site. Enquiries and applications to Oliver Dale MFH via the email link.
North Cotswold Hunt - Kennel-Huntsman
The North Cotswold Hunt is looking for an experienced Kennel Huntsman to join the team at the historic Kennels in Broadway from May 2021. A comfortable, detached House is included in this excellent package. Enquiries and applications to Oliver Dale MFH via the email link.
Ross Harriers - Amateur Huntsman
The Ross Harriers are looking for an Amateur Huntsman for the 2021-22 season, hunting hounds three times per fortnight. Pack to be in livery with another hunt by then. Lorry, 1 Horse and reasonable expenses available. No accommodation or salary. Joint Mastership available for the right candidate. Enquiries and applications via e-mail link.
Torrington Farmers - Kennel Huntsman/1st Whip
Huntsman/1st Whip for the 21/22 season. The successful applicant would be responsible for all kennel duties, Firearms certificate and driving licence required, a license to tow and drive a 7.5 ton lorry would be advantageous. All applications and CV'S to Steve Craddock MFH via email link.
Hursley Hambledon - Huntsman
Huntsman Required for 2021/22 season. Duties to include kennel work, hunting 2/3 days per week. Full 7.5 ton HGV and Firearms license required On site four bedroom accommodation, attractive package. Initial interviews will be conducted via zoom. Application via email link to M Thistlethwayte, Chairman.
Sennybridge Farmers - Huntsman
The Sennybridge Farmers Hunt is looking for a Huntsman for the 2021-22 season hunting two days a week. Responsibilities will include all kennel duties and running the fallen stock. Firearms certificate and driving license required, trailer license an advantage. Applications close 22 January 2021. Enquiries and applications to Nick Gould MFH via email link.
The Glamorgan Hunt requires a Kennel man/woman
An opportunity will be created from the 1st May 2021 to join the friendly Glamorgan hunt team, reporting to our kennel based huntsman with duties to include the day to day care of hounds and running of a busy fallen stock round. On trail hunting days we are flexible and invite either 1st Whip or non riding countryman applicants. Firearms certificate required together with a clean 7.5 tonne lorry license seen as an advantage . On site 2 bedroom cottage included, together with a competitive remuneration and working conditions package. Enquiries, CV and applications to Terence Edgell MFH via email.
Hampshire Hunt - Whipper-In/Kennelman
The Hampshire Hunt is looking for a Whipper-In/ Kennelman for the 2021-22 season, Duties include kennel work, flesh round and whipping-in. Driving licence essential, trailer licence and firearms an advantage. Accommodation provided on site at the Kennels. Remuneration dependant on experience. Apply to R A Harvie MFH
North Staffordshire - Whipper-In
The North Staffordshire Hunt requires Whipper-In for 2020-21 season, kennel duties including flesh collection. Firearms an advantage, driving licence is essential, accommodation on site. Contact Mrs A Hartley through email link.
Tipperary Foxhounds - First Whipper-In
The Tipperary Foxhounds requires a First Whipper-In for the 2021/2022 season. Apply with CV to Tim Hyde MFH via Email Link
Radnor and West Hereford Hunt - Apprentice Whipper-In
The Radnor and West Hereford Hunt is looking for an apprentice whipper-in to train under the MFHA bursary scheme starting May 1st 2021. Please apply via email link.
Oakley Hunt - Whipper In
The Oakley Hunt requires a Whipper In for the 2021/2022 season. Whipping In 2 days per week, kennel duties and flesh collection. Please apply VIA EMAIL LINK to Mrs H Pattinson MFH
Avon Vale - Kennel-Huntsman
The Avon Vale Hunt requires a Kennel-Huntsman for the 2021-22 season. Duties to include the day to day care of hounds, running a busy flesh round and acting as 1st whipper-in on a hunting day, although non-riding applicants will be considered. Firearms certificate required. Lorry and trailer license an advantage. On site 3 bedroom house included. Applications close 16th December 2020. Enquiries and applications to Stuart Radbourne MFH via email link
South Dorset - Kennel-Huntsman
The South Dorset is looking for an experienced Kennel Huntsman to join the team from 1st May 2021 and onwards. A 3 bedroom house at the kennels is included in the very good package. Enquiries and Applications please to Tobias Coles MFH by email link
Berwickshire Hunt - Kennel-Huntsman
The Berwickshire Hunts require a Kennel-Huntsman for the 2021/22 season. Duties to include management of kennels and acting as 1st whipper-in, although non riding applicants will be considered. On site 2 bedroom cottage included. Small flesh round. Lorry and trailer licence an advantage. Firearms certificate will be required but can be applied for if candidate is not a current certificate holder. Enquiries and applications to Gareth Watchman MFH via the email link.
North Shropshire Hunt - Whipper-In
The North Shropshire Hunt is looking for a whipper-in for the 2021/2022 season. All kennel duties, and whipping in on hunt days (2 days per week). Firearms and trailer licence would be a bonus but not essential. Please contact Peter McColgan MFH by Email link
Dulverton West - 1st Whipper-In
The Dulverton West Foxhounds require a 1st Whipper-In for the 2021/2022 season. Duties to include kennel work, flesh round and horses. Please apply via email to Alex Guy MFH
Countryside Officer and Kennel Huntsman Cover
Countryside Officer and Kennel Huntsman Cover (approx 8 hours per week plus holiday cover) We are looking for cover for the school's Countryside Centre, primarily looking after the school’s beagle pack. The centre also has a small amount of farm livestock. The ideal person would have experience in kennel management and/or livestock management, although this role could provide invaluable experience if you are training to work with animals. Common sense and a love of animals are key attributes. Training will be given. Hours would be split over two days a week to include handover at the beginning and end of cover. There is an element of heavy lifting involved (bales of hay, feed, etc) and this can therefore be a physically demanding role. The College has recently invested in constructing a purpose-built centre – excellent working conditions are available and a good hourly rate paid to the right individual. For further details about the school and to obtain an application form, please visit our website: Applications should be sent vai the EMAIL LINK and will be dealt with on receipt.