Point-to-Point racing is steeple chasing for amateurs riding horses which hunt. It is regulated at national level by the British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) with delegated powers to the Point to Point Board, of which the MFHA is a Member.  Meetings are run at local level by a Hunt or a recognised club, under the jurisdiction of the Point-to-Point Owners and Riders Association and the Point-to-Point Secretary's Association. The vast majority of  race meetings are run by our member Hunts.

The sport of Point-to-Point racing dates back to 1836 when hunting men used to race their horses from church steeple to church steeple - hence the name 'point-to-point'. The strong link between these two country sports still exists over 250 years on. All of the horses that race in a point-to-point have to be qualified out hunting and all of the jockeys have to be a member or subscriber of a Hunt.

Point-to-Points are run by Hunts to raise money for Hunt funds and to entertain the farmers who welcome the hounds on their land during the hunting season.  It takes over 100 volunteers to run a Point-to-Point race meeting and they are usually found from within supporters of the Hunt, who give their time freely as a result.  The courses themselves and the car parking areas are also usually provided as a result of support for hunting.

Your local Point-to-Point is a great family day out: along with the excitement of hotly contested racing and the opportunity of tax-free betting, most meetings have trade stands, a licensed bar, refreshments and a hound parade. The Point-to-Point season starts in December and runs until June.  Visit the Point-to-Point website.