What We Do

The Hunting Associations represent registered hunts in their respective disciplines, mostly identified geographically to the country where they hunt. Each hunt is run by one or more Masters, who are also individual members of the Association to which their hunt is registered. Each registered hunt pays an annual registration fee to the Association, and all individual Association members also pay an annual subscription to the Association. The Associations in turn finance the operations of the Hunting Office.

Each Hunting Association is governed by a Committee which meets quarterly and acts as the governing body for that hunting discipline. As the governing body, the Committee approves the rules of the association and overseas disciplinary matters relating to the activity. Through the CHA, the Associations delegate the day-to-day administration of the hunting activity to the Hunting Office, which reports back to the Committee at its quarterly meeting for feedback, decisions and approval.

The Hunting Office scope of work falls in five areas all of which are carried out for the benefit of our members, member hunts and the good of hunting: Governance Frameworks; Administration and Supervision; Risk Management; Advice Services; Training and Education; Records and Registrations.

Governance Framework

The Hunting Office manages and implements the Governance Frameworks applying the authority of the Hunting Associations. 

In the case of the MFHA, the governance framework is described as the MFHA’s “Rules, Code of Conduct and Instructions” and made up of a series of policies to which all hunts must adhere. These include:

  • MFHA Constitution, Rules and Recommendations
  • Code of Conduct for the Welfare of Hounds in Kennels
  • MFHA Disciplinary Procedures

In addition, there are a number of briefing notes and instructions on various matters, for hunts to follow, as well as a cycle of Hunt and Kennel Visits for assessment, regulation and compliance purposes. 

By applying these Governance Frameworks, the Hunting Office implements a regime of self-regulation on behalf of each Association.  These operate to define and promote best practice and standards in the field and in kennels and are intended to provide a mechanism through which to hold association member hunts to account. 

Administration and Supervision

The Hunting Office carries out a series of kennel inspections ensuring the maintenance of standards and correct operating procedures.  It liaises closely with institutional landowners and other external bodies ensuring the interests of hunts and hunting are communicated and making sure that hound welfare and high standards are promoted. 

The Hunting Office liaises directly with the Countryside Alliance regarding the Campaign for Hunting and Public Relations and supervises all hunts, communicating and implementing hunting policy. 

Risk Management

The Hunting Office manages the procurement and co-ordination of bespoke insurance policies in the interests of hunting, registered hunts and their members.  It administers a Combined Liability Policy and a Personal Accident Scheme for the benefit of hunts, as well as co-ordinating the cases within the Legal Fees Policy.  

Advice Services

The Hunting Office offers a comprehensive advisory service and guidance to all hunts and association members; sending updates and briefing notes on all matter affecting the day-to-day running of hunts. It gives help to hunts on topics such as Health and Safety, GDPR, DEFRA and APHA regulations, Employment and other individual hunt issues, and also provides a range of templates, notes and forms for hunts to utilise. 

Records and Registrations

The Hunting Office retains records and registrations for member hunts as well as all individual association members.  It administers the database, files and archives and produces the Members Handbooks annually. 

The Hunting Office also co-ordinates and compiles the Kennel Stud Books, the Terriermen Licences, the Registration of Hunt Countries, and runs the Staff Vacancies Register each year to assist hunts in recruiting Hunt Staff.