The Hunting Associations represent registered hunts in their respective disciplines, mostly identified geographically to the country where they hunt.  Each hunt is run by one or more Masters, who are also individual members of the Association to which their hunt is registered.  Each registered hunt pays an annual registration fee to the Association, and all individual Association members also pay an annual subscription to the Association.  The Associations in turn finance the operations of the Hunting Office.       

Each Hunting Association is governed by a Committee which meets quarterly and acts as the governing body for that hunting discipline.  As the governing body, the Committee approves the rules of the association and overseas disciplinary matters relating to the activity.  Through the CHA, the Associations delegate the day-to-day administration of the hunting activity to the Hunting Office, which reports back to the Committee at its quarterly meeting for feedback, decisions and approval.

The Hunting Office scope of work falls in five areas all of which are carried out for the benefit of our members, member hunts and the good of hunting:  Governance Frameworks; Administration and Supervision; Risk Management; Advice Services; Training and Education; Records and Registrations.