The Hunting Office manages and implements the Governance Frameworks applying the authority of the Hunting Associations. 

In the case of the MFHA, the governance framework is described as the MFHA’s “Rules, Code of Conduct and Instructions” and made up of a series of policies to which all hunts must adhere. These include:

  • MFHA Constitution, Rules and Recommendations
  • Code of Conduct for the Welfare of Hounds in Kennels
  • MFHA Disciplinary Procedures

In addition, there are a number of briefing notes and instructions on various matters, for hunts to follow, as well as a cycle of Hunt and Kennel Visits for assessment, regulation and compliance purposes. 

By applying these Governance Frameworks, the Hunting Office implements a regime of self-regulation on behalf of each Association.  These operate to define and promote best practice and standards in the field and in kennels and are intended to provide a mechanism through which to hold association member hunts to account.